Best Forex Company

Choosing the best forex company to trade depends on many criteria, and our selection today is a reliable forex company that was founded in 2010 and quickly grew to become one of the largest forex brokers in the world.

Its mission is to create a world of technology-enabled trading, where aspiring traders can take advantage of the challenges and opportunities of global markets.

She is by your side in every trade, combining superior execution speeds, fundamental spreads, and low commissions with a true commitment to helping you achieve your trading goals.

Best Forex Company
Trading with a multi-award winning broker through the prestigious awards offered by Investment Trends, Deloitte, and Governor of Victoria, this company is proud to earn this recognition thanks to the customer service we provide, trading conditions, and exceptional value for money.

Value for money
It provides access to the underlying spreads so you know exactly what is being charged from the liquidity provider and what the company is earning.

The spreads on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms are variable, with prices coming from many suppliers and sources to ensure that you get the best price.

During times of liquidity, our spreads can drop as low as 0 pips on the EURUSD currency pair.

Execution is super-fast
Most orders are executed in less than 30 milliseconds, which is an ideal time for traders and clients who use EAs.

Peace of mind
Besides being regulated by the ASIC and FCA, it separates client funds with Tier 1 banks. We also offer many safe and fee-free financing methods to suit your needs.

Available financial tools
Take advantage of a host of market opportunities with more than 150 financial instruments available for trading.

Trade over 150 instruments across a wide range of bonds, including Forex, CFDs, and Commodities.

Access to the most liquid market in the world. Trade major forex currency pairs, forex minor currency pairs, and unconventional forex currency pairs with low commissions and competitive spreads.

Index CFDs
Trade during the move of 14 major stock markets around the world with no commission.

Stock CFDs
Buy and sell CFDs for more than 50 major companies listed in the United States.

Trade commodity futures like coffee, cocoa, cotton, orange juice, and sugar with the option to trade at USDX.

Buy and Sell CFDs on 5 of the major cryptocurrencies with leverage of up to 5: 1 without the need for a wallet or exchange.

Three powerful platforms
Access to the three platforms for free. MT4, MT5, and cTrader are all available on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, or web app.

Total control
Our secure client area gives you complete control over your account.

An interest-free account
The interest-free Islamic account is designed for traders who cannot receive or pay swaps. This Islamic trading account is interest-free and allows traders to benefit from the latest in trading technology and deep liquidity.

Distinguished customer service

We know that every trader is different and for those looking for premium rates, we offer premium client services with bonuses for high volume traders.

Explore more opportunities
Get cash rewards when trading high volume with Active Trader.
Most requests are executed in less than 30ms and 60ms based on the time it takes to process once received in the broker system.

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