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Online Forex Trading, What is Forex? Forex, or also known as the foreign exchange market or currency trading, is a decentralized global market in which all global currencies are traded.

The forex market is the largest and most liquid in the world with a daily trading volume of more than 5 trillion US dollars and all global stock markets do not come close to this figure.

Forex is a global market. You may find some exciting opportunities that are not available with other investments, related to buying and selling currencies in order to reap profits from changes in their value.

There is high liquidity in the forex market therefore, Forex forex attracts many traders, beginners, and experts alike.

The largest foreign exchange markets are located in the major financial centers such as London, New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, and Sydney.

Definition of Forex

 Therefore, we conclude the definition of the word Forex or the currency exchange market is that it is a foreign exchange market through which we buy currencies and sell them against other currencies in order to achieve profits and gains when the prices of these currencies change.

The word forex is an abbreviation of the term foreign exchange market or foreign exchange market, and FX is also written.

It is just like the international exchange, you can trade currencies based on what you think its value is or where it is heading, but the big difference to trading in forex is that you can trade buy or sell just as easily if you think that the currency will increase in value.

You can buy it and if you think it's going down you can sell it with this big market, finding a buyer when you sell it and a seller when you buy it is much easier than it is in other markets.

You may hear about the news that China is devaluing its currency to attract more foreign business into the country. If you think that the trend will continue, you can trade forex by selling the Chinese currency against another currency.

For example, the US dollar, the lower the value of the Chinese currency against the US dollar, the higher your profits will be, and if the value of the Chinese currency increases while your selling position is open, your losses will increase and you want to exit the trade.

Forex Advantages

When looking at the very high turnout on this market and these dealings, we find that this is due to the multiple advantages and services that the currency exchange market provides to us, which we will now discuss to you to find out everything that this market offers:

Participate for a small amount

You do not have to be of huge sums and riches in order to be able to participate in the forex market with a large amount, as these transactions can be started with a small amount by opening an account and trading inside this market, unlike what the bond and stock markets offer.

A decentralized market

The market or the exchange rates are not controlled by any party due to the huge liquidity in the daily trading of this market, so it is a decentralized market.

Opening and closing trades

The currency exchange market allows you at any time to open or close a deal as you wish, there are sellers and buyers all the time inside the forex market due to the huge liquidity available in this market.

No commissions

The profits that brokers achieve by setting a spread, which is known as the difference in the price of buying and selling a certain currency.


The investments for these transactions are very liquid and the banks provide permanent offers for bid and ask, all thanks to the huge amount of daily transactions, so there is always a seller and buyer for any currency.

It is considered the largest market in the world in terms of financial liquidity, as the daily trading volume that takes place through the currency exchange market is more than 4 trillion US dollars.

Open market

Continuously, changes occur in the prices of different currencies, and the reason for this is due to the change in the economy of the countries, and anyone can get all the developments related to the change of prices for different countries through the news.

Trading all over the world

Currencies can be traded in various parts of the world through the most important financial centers offered by the forex market, such as “New York - London - Tokyo - Hong Kong - Singapore - Paris, and Sydney”.


Everyone can participate in the forex market and benefit from it and achieve the largest possible profits, as people, companies, or countries can participate and work within this market that is well known.

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